What I can help you with

Conditions I treat

With years of NHS Neurorehabilitation experience, I understand how to work with clients, families, workplaces and the interdisciplinary team of health professionals around them to get the best results, whilst looking after the whole person.


Reading & Writing Difficulties

I work with clients who have acquired brain injuries or neurological disease that can result in a range of difficulties with the following:

Information processing


Writing- acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia

Interpreting complex or nuanced information

Eating and Drinking

Helping you to enjoy mealtimes again

I work with disorders that affect how we eat and drink, including:


Facial weakness/palsy

Speech & Articulation Disorders

I work with a range of  Speech Disorders including: 

Dysarthria - difficulty with slurred speech, volume control and prosody 

Dyspraxia of Speech - difficulty with producing the sounds in the right order due to motor planning deficits

Stammer / Dysfluency

Language and Communication Disorders

I work with a range of acquired communication disorders, including:

Aphasia (difficulty understanding, reading, writing or saying the right words)

Cognitive Communication Disorder (difficulty using our thinking skills to understand nuance, plan what we want to say, use body language/tone and much more)

I work with clients to unpick how these disorders may be impacting their understanding, speaking, reading, writing and social communication. This is turn leads us to explore what to target to improve communication at home, work and in leisure situations.​


Other Services

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Clinical Supervision

Over the years, I have had the privilege of delivering clinical supervision to clinicians at various stages in their career. It has been very fulfilling to mentor and support clinicians with in a  real range of areas, including:

professional competencies

personal development plans

complex case discussion


clinical development projects

peer supervision

interdisciplinary development

...and much more.


I can deliver 1-2-1, small or large group training, tailored to your needs.

Team Meeting

As a linguist, I am happy to work with clients for whom English is an additional language, I am happy to work with interpreters or use my own language skills where appropriate. Please don't hesitate to ask